Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please check the right side - post titles for gluten free cosmetic info

Good morning - wanted to give you a quick housekeeping note for the blog. Please look to the right side and you will see a list of each post title. This isn't quite how I hoped to organize my posts, but it seems better than just the date archive way down at the bottom.

I have checked my stats and realized that many people are checking out the front page but not much else. That tells me I need to make this more user friendly! So the post title list at the right is my attempt to do so.

I had hoped to have titles like Companies With Gluten Free Cosmetics, various individual companies like Afterglow Cosmetics and Monave, and also good info on cosmetic ingredients that make or break the gluten free status of cosmetics or personal care items. However, as I build my website on the side, I will consider whatever ways will make this resource easier to get around. For now, I hope this will be helpful.

Thanks, and I'm glad to see people are stopping by. If you have a specific question on a cosmetic company you'd like to know more about, know of a company that offers gluten free cosmetics that you don't see here, or you have concerns, please contact me or add your comment. I'm just one person out here trying to find information, so any help you have to offer is very welcome.


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