Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gluten Free - Morrocco Method Hair Products

Hi everyone,

I received some samples from a great hair product company called Morrocco Method, Intl. They create and sell organic shampoos, conditioners, elixirs, and styling products. Their products are gluten free and all natural. And let me tell you, each and every one of these things smells unbelievable. Like a spa!!

A nice woman from this company contacted me and asked if I would like to try some samples and I happily agreed. Don't you love it when you know something fun is coming in the mail for you?? Anyway, I got my package about a week ago and today I will start filling you in on my experience. I still have several samples left, so this may go on for a while.

My first experience last week involved the Heavenly Chai shampoo and the Euro Organic Oil. You should know first that I'm usually a try-it-first-read-directions-later type of girl. Most of the time that turns out OK. Sometimes not.

I did the shampoo, which as I said before, smelled completely awesome. It didn't lather like more mainstream shampoos, but I decided that was just their formula. I know that lather doesn't necessarily equal better cleanliness. So I just made sure I had enough to cover all my hair and rinsed it out.

Then I tried the Euro Organic Oil. I figured this was probably like my conditioner, so I could just put it on right after my shampoo then rinse. So I did that, again very pleased with the aroma. I was pretty confident about all of this until I started blow drying my hair. Which wouldn't dry - it just stayed oily. Uh oh.

Now I need to be at my daughter's elementary school to volunteer for about an hour and I look like I'm one of the guys from the movie Grease. Well, with no time to really deal with it, I decided I was just going to keep my chin up and "rock" my greasy hair look. Yep, those 2nd graders and the teachers were just gonna know I meant to do that.

So I went off to the school, did my thing, and tried to forget about my hair for a while. On my way home, I began to wonder if that big packet of stapled paper that came in my box would give me some insight on how I'm supposed to really use this stuff. Hmm.....instructions....

Lo and behold, I found a lengthy description about how to shampoo with their products - shampoo TWICE for best results, and put shampoo on DRY hair after using the oil so the treatment is more effective and rinses out well. Huh.....rinses out well. Makes sense since oil and water don't mix.

So I quickly put more shampoo on my dry/oily hair the best I could and stuck my head under the tub faucet for a good rinse. I moved right on the my hair dryer and could tell right away that my hair was actually getting dry this time. And something else - unimaginably smooth and silky. Whoa, hadn't seen that coming. I just thought it would be a little more moisturized, but not like this. Felt even better than coming from the hair salon! Totally totally totally worth it. If I'd known the fix would only take 10 minutes, I might have tried it before leaving for the school.

Since the weekend was coming and I had a busy schedule, I wasn't able to shampoo my hair on my usual every-other-day regimen. On the third day, my hair was still very manageable and smooth - again, hadn't expected that bonus. My hair isn't long enough yet for a ponytail, so I really do need it to work or have it shampooed after a certain point. Love having it still be good even when the schedule has a hiccup!

I'll fill you in more about the Morrocco Method products and my experiences. Now I'm looking at that long packet of info BEFORE I start putting it on my hair. How about that??


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P. Ropecia said...

I put the conditioner, aloe and honey into a microwave dish and turned on the microwave it for 15 seconds. I was disappointed when I pulled out the dish; the conditioner was kind of lumpy and very very runny. I decided I would try it anyway, so I added the evening primrose oil and rosewood and stirred very well.I applied the damaged hair treatment to dry hair, first dipping my ends into the bowl than dumping it onto my hair. I put on a shower cap and went to bed :) I left it on for 24 hours before shampooing like normal and allowing my hair to air dry.

Paz said...

How long do you think a Morrocco Method Shampoo will last?