Monday, November 26, 2007

Afterglow - A Great Gluten Free Cosmetic Choice

Afterglow is a company a stumbled upon a few months ago. The founder of the company created Afterglow Cosmetics because all of the women in her family have sensitivities to perfume, food, and cosmetics.

I wrote my usual inquiries to the customer service email, and after a few question/reply vollies, I got a response directly from the president. She thanked me for my thoroughness with the gluten questions and said she would put up a page on their website addressing the specific questions I had. I am not sure when this will be in place, but I didn't see it when I checked just now.

Here's something you aren't going to find many places - every product in their line is gluten free. Their faiclity is not gluten free (so they must be sharing with another company), but each piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses. All of their products are hand-filled, so there are no production lines and no contamination of any kind. They have several customers who have celiac disease, so they do know what they are talking about.

They have a nice website, fairly easy to navigate. The customer service was great - quick reponses and the email from the president. Obviously a smaller company who is more "hands-on" than the big national chains. They have very large images to show the colors. Of course, that won't reflect exactly what it would look like on a person, but they have been enlarged since I was last on the site. Nice selection of colors, though I have seen a few companies that have larger selection. Probably depends on your preferences. Currently, it sounds like they are looking into a few new products (I had inquired a few things).

Overall, it appears like a tremendous option for anyone wanting gluten free cosmetics. They have some information pages about other things they don't have in their products. Seems like they are very much into avoiding toxics and irritants of various kinds. Interesting to read all they have available. So besides being safe from gluten, you may be safe from many other things you didn't know you needed to avoid!

Check them out - I strongly recommend a "look-see".

And don't be afraid to drop a question or comment their way. Easy and friendly.

Enjoy looking around and try a sample or two.



Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

Afterglow just put up a gluten free statement on their website here

They also just added 5 new shades of lipstick (yay!) and gluten free mascara (very hard to find!) to their line up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,
I just placed a samples order with Afterglow. Their customer service was friendly and helpful and I can't wait to try the products. When I told their rep I was having a hard time finding an organic gluten free moisterizer she told me to check out Pangea Organics. I checked out their web site then called them and found they have been approved by the Celiac Sprue Assn & are in the process of getting that on their website. They only have one product, an oatmeal soap, that contains gluten. I did not ask about their processing and cross contamination because of the CSA approval. They have limited products at Whole Foods and World Market in both Omaha and Lincoln or you can order on line. I found a place called Trade Secrets at Oakview that carries their products so I'm on my way out the door to see what they have. I'll let you know, maybe there is one in Lincoln.

Erika said...

Wow - good to know everything might not have to be mail order! I'm not that close to Omaha, but I have family near there and do get to town occassionally. I'll be glad to hear what you find.

I do like Afterglow's lipstick - finally got the full sized version of my favorite and I'm trying a few more samples now. :)

xyz and more said...

Hi there- fyi If you are looking for Afterglow cosmetics in the uk or europe you can find them here

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for gluten free products in the UK / Europe we carry the Afterglow line at and are committed to carrying Gluten Free products...