Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Revlon Confirmed - No Guarantee on Gluten Free Cosmetics

Just a quick post here from one of the "big" cosmetics companies. I wrote to Revlon last week to ask about gluten free products. I had seen a post from someone a while ago (on a message board) saying that none of their products can be guaranteed to be gluten free, but I wanted to get the most updated message from the company myself. Here is an excerpt from their letter:

"Unfortunately, because of the way cosmetic ingredients are made and transported, we cannot guarantee that a product is gluten-free."

Well, that about sums it up. To read between the lines, it seems that they recognize the effort it takes to make sure products are gluten free not only by ingredient, but by processing environment. They are being brutally honest here. Not great news if you've loved their products and have gluten sensitivities, but they aren't putting any grey areas out there. I respect them for that.

Perhaps other large companies should take a look at their example and rethink the messages they give their customers. At the very least, they could do what Arbonne has done and state clearly that although this-and-that-product doesn't have gluten, it is not made in a gluten free facility.

I'll update you on more companies, one by one.

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