Thursday, November 15, 2007

Monave - A company I'm very impressed with

Here is a quick bit of info on a company I've become very excited about and impressed with. It is called Monave' (MO-na-VAY) , and they are a smallish mineral cosmetics company in Baltimore. When you think of mineral cosmetics, many people just think of the loose powdery form. However, they also have a nice selection of mousse, liquid, and cream foundations for those who prefer that type. They also have some cream-to-powder color cosmetics for the eyes. I have used this type in the past and it is great for keeping your morning routine moving quickly!

Really like the variety of products and forms of cosmetics (powder, liquid, cream to powder, etc). Even skin care, which I haven't looked into as much. And their website seems pretty user friendly, too. I have just ordered some samples earlier this week. There's going to be a delay because of the holiday on Monday, but I'm looking forward to it immensely! Got some cream to powder eye shadow and a cream to powder eye brow color.

The best part, the part that really sold me, is the customer service person I spoke to. Her name is Sharen, and I wrote to her on email and spoke to her on the phone. I had a question she couldn 't answer on the phone, so she asked me to email her back so she'd be able to reply quickly. Just a day or two later, I got the answer. Very kind on the phone, clear answers. She is the one who told me I will probably fare better with smaller companies because they are closer to their product. They hand pack everything, so cross contamination just doesn't happen. No shared production lines or anything like that. The concealer is the only product that has anything gluten-related (wheat germ oil). But because the cross contamination is nil, the rest of the product line is very safe.

Anyway, the link again is There are a few physical locations they sell out of, but most people will likely use the website. Check out their "locations" link on the bottom of any page, just in case you live close to one.

Give them a look, try some of their samples. And if you can, drop them a note on their contact page to thank Sharen for being so helpful with questions about gluten. She is instrumental in me being able to share this information to you right now.

Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think.


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