Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News on Gluten Free Cosmetics

I have recently subscribed to a cosmetic industry newsletter. I am hoping to pass on any sort of news I find on the subject. I did recently come across something called Wheat Herbaprotein. It is from a company in Switzerland, and I submitted contact info to find out more about it. It sounds like it wouldn't belong in a "gluten free cosmetics" blog, but the claim is that it is actually gluten free. There wasn't much about it in the news release - October 2007. However, I'm hopeful that the company will contact me soon and let me know more about it.

I am also continuing the search for gluten free cosmetics. Trying to figure out the very best way to present it all. Believe me, there is a lot of info even at the beginning of this search. Sephora (an online beauty consumer portal website) has around 200 brands alone!! Plus there are many others that are common in stores, some home business type cosmetic brands, small family owned companies with limited online presence. When I look at it this way, the task seems daunting! However, I will continue to do my best to put accurate info out there. Most likely, I am considering creating a guide that will be easy to search, sorted by cosmetic item category (like lipsticks, skin care, foundation, etc), and also by company. I may do some on the blog, too. But I'm imagining that might be difficult to search. Just starting out, so we'll see!

Thanks for checking in, and I'd love to help with any inquiries on specific brands. Maybe your favorite is something I've never heard of. Let me know.


Kim Gray said...

Good for you! I also have enormous issues with the cosmetics I buy.

And even more with my children, one of whom cannot tolerate petroleum products either.

It's left me in the position to create some of my own cosmetics. Maybe one day I'll actually market them.

I've linked your blog to my "Great Blogs" of Gluten page. Hope that's okay. I look forward to seeing what you can find!

Kind regards,

Erika K said...

Wow, I greatly appreciate the link. I'm hoping to get more exposure as time goes on. If there is any particular brand you'd like me to look into (skin care, other personal items, some other cosmetics besides what you are doing), I'd be glad to. Let me know if I can help.

I would have been thrilled to have a central location to choose from a myriad of "approved" gluten free cosmetics all at a glance. Would like to fill in that gap for others!

Niobe said...

Speaking of Sephora, I went in a few weeks ago and ended up being helped by the corporate offices skin care rep. She helped me for nearly an hour try and find products that might be appropriate for a celiac. She handed me some samples and said "I had no idea people have to go through this. As soon as I'm back at corporate I'm bringing this up." She said she will see if its possible for Sephora to begin labeling products as gluten-free. She said she thought it was a possibility since its becoming so prevalent. So fingers crossed!