Monday, November 12, 2007

Smaller cosmetic company is probably better for gluten free products

I sopke to a very nice customer service lady at Monave' last week. Their products are all gluten free except for the concealer. She said something that I immediately knew that I already understood but had not put into direct words. She said that generally, I would do better sticking with small cosmetic companies to be the safest. They are more likely to pack by hand, actually be closer to the products to know what is going on, and can more easily answer questions about ingredients.

I had already begun to figure out this truth on my own. However, to hear it from someone was really affirming. She is right. I have found that many larger companies seem to have less control or idea of what is going on regarding gluten. Or they may be able to tell you that a certain product has no glutenous ingredients, but they cannot speak so well for the cross contamination risks.

So now I am pursuing information from smaller "off the beaten path" cosmetic companies to expose the best choices for gluten sensitive people who want very trustworthy cosmetic companies to purchase from. Keep looking for more info as I explore!


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