Thursday, December 6, 2007

More praise for Monave

Hello - sorry I've been gone for a bit. Had some busy Christmas preparations to take care of the last couple of days. Also, I must add that a special teacher from my high school years died Tuesday morning, found out yesterday, and have done much correspondence notifying others. I apologize for the absence. This will be a quick post.

Just wanted to give a few more praises to Monave. I've recently received a few more samples from them. They have some wonderful luminescent eye shadow and lipstick. A great variety, and they all go on in a very silky smooth way. I've noticed that it is quite important to have the proper tools for mineral makeup. Since the texture is so fine, you may put too much on with a dense brush or not enough on with a more "fluffy" brush. Just depends on what you want to do. Also, Monave has this cream-to-powder product that I've found to be a challenge, but worth sticking with. Despite it's name, it is not very creamy. It is rather firm, but with a dense stiff brush you can get a nice amount on and it has good staying (and blending) power.

I am looking forward to ordering more samples, and eventually the full sized products. So far, I have not been disappointed with their color variety and color quality. Gave me just what I was looking for, even if there was a "learning curve" attached.

I will be posting at least one more time in the next few days, though I have a funeral (see above) out of town to attend and a wedding this weekend. And then there's the Christmas tree to decorate......sigh....'tis the season!



Anonymous said...

Hi Erika, Once Again New to this and not sure if your old posts may have shown this, I didn't go thru all of them. Elizabeth Arden - Lipstick, Lipliners, Eye shadow, Eye Liner ARE Gluten Free. They stated their moisturizures and liquids are what we should worry about! I got the cute Red Bag make-up kit for Christmas. Although, their products are expensive, not sure if it wasnt a Christmas present I'd run out to the Eliz Arden counter. Hey Just more info. to pass on. Oh, Billybee Original Honey Mustard is GF/WF and found on a regular store shelf too.. To end on a sweet note...

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

Hope all is well.

Was wondering if you've seen the new organic makeup by L'Oreal (?)

Mineral makeup, blush, eyeshadow, etc.

It's got soy in it, so might not be good for a lot of gluten sensitive people who also have high soy reactions. However, for those who do tolerate it or feel soy would be okay for them topically, this line might be a huge area of interest.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

I totally love Monave too!

Erika K said...

I've used Monave now for several months and I'm impressed with how the foundation held up in the dry winter air. As long as I tapped off the access before applying, it didn't look overly powdery or settled in my fine lines.

I L-O-V-E their selection of eye shadows. I'm kind of into a "luminesence" look right now, not too shimmery but something more interesting than matte. They have lots of shades to play with, and the samples last a long time.

As the samples run out, I won't hesitate to get a full sized product.

Very happy with them!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree! Monave is excellent and Sharen was most helpful. I have since rec'd some samples and their products are wonderful...the customer service was fantastic! Afterglow Mineral Makeup is also a great company for those looking for GF makeup. Thank you for the recommendations.


flute2tor said...

Thanks for your blog. Small world....I am a music teacher in Nebraska.

I just went to the monave web site and read the gluten free blurb. It states the products are 99% gluten free. I thought it was a 0 tolerance issue. So is 1% in cosmetics ok?????

Erika said...

Thanks for your comment. I had thought it was all gluten free except the concealer she mentioned. Hadn't heard it was "99%". I don't know what accounts for the 1%, though now I will ask Sharen. Might be the possibility of cross contamination risk?? But I'll find out for sure and post here.


cwedel said...
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cwedel said...

Hi Erika,
I found you through the Gluten Free Post! I just wanted to say that if you would like some help in exploring gluten free makeup companies I would be more than happy to help. I have an extensive list of smaller independent mineral makeup companies, and I would be happy to supply you with a list or even help you with your research.
Feel free to drop me a line anytime!
(Deleted and reposted to add email address:

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed Monave back in March 2008 regarding their products being GF and was told all were except for the Concealer Forumlas and the Unscented Emollient. I then purchased a bunch of samples, including lipsticks and cream-to-powder eyeshadows, liners, etc., all of which I used thinking they were okay (safe). I always re-check Company's FAQ's and today, August 16, 2008, Monave's website states:

"Today, I'm addressing a frequent question that we receive here at Monave: Is our makeup gluten-free? 95% of our skin care and makeup is gluten free with the exception of our Concealer Cream Foundation, Unscented Emollient, lip products, eyeliners and cream to powders.They currently have Vitamin E which was derived from wheat germ oil, but we are transitioning over to a new rice-based vitamin E starting July 2008."

I will NEVER order from this company again. I still have the e-mail reply from them advising the products were safe (with the 2 exceptions). I had some problems after using the products but as I'm very sensitive (Celiac with related Dermatitis) - always hard for me to determine if the problem is cross-contamination, etc. I spent a lot of time and energy avoiding products to see if my issues cleared up when it would seem it was the Monave lipstick, etc.

Just an FYI for everyone else out there who has Celiac's!

Anonymous said...


This is Deb from Monave. I wanted to personally apologize for the misinformation that you received in the original e-mail from a staff member. Had I been copied on it, I would have picked up on the errors right away, and I'm so sorry about the mistrust that you must have toward my company as it relates to celiac disease.

My mom is a celiac, and her health has been so terribly impacted by this disease. She is a young-looking 74, but because it went on for so long untreated, her mind is really struggling. The neurological damage has caused demantia, and it is progressive despite the fact that she is on a strict gluten-free diet.

It pains me to know that you received products with (albeit tiny percentages) gluten in them. To clarify, the vitamin E used to preserve the oils in the liners and lip products is derived from wheat germ oil. There are about 20 drops per gallon of oil, and the oils are about 50% of the product. Even so, knowing (I am a celiac too) how sensitive the issue of trust is, I feel very badly for your experience with the lip samples that you ordered.

I wish you well in your struggles to find gluten-free products, and again, I can only offer my sincerest apologies for our error.


Anonymous said...

To clarify, the vitamin E used in the lip products WAS derived from wheat germ, now it is derived from rice.

trrish said...

Here is some information I found on Laura Mercier products, which I love. I would be worried about cross-contamination and will probably just stop using them. The eyeshadow base I use actually burns my eyelids.

Please find a list of Laura Mercier products that contain gluten:

Cheek Colour: Rose Bloom, Nectar
Creme Eye Colour to Go: Moonbeam, Shell, Posy, Sun Tea
Eye Brow Pencil-Triangular: Blonde, Brunette
Eye Colour: Antique Gold
Eye Pencil: Black Extreme, Midnight Bleu, Special Brown, Brown Copper, Black Violet
Metallic Creme Eye Colours: Burnished Copper, Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold, Titanium, Pink Gold, Mercury, Alloy
Lip Colour: Paprika, Sienna, Chianti, Fig
Lip Pencil: Baby Lips, Chestnut, Hazelnut Brown, Natural Lips, Neutral Brown, Potpourri, Red Chocolate, Redwood, Russet, True Red, Very Cherry
Skincare: Eyedration, Oil-Free Gel Cleanser, Intensive Moisture Mask
Body & Bath: Body Lotion - Au Lait, Tarte au Citron; Souffle Body Creme: Au Lait, Creme Brulee

Erika said...

Oh my goodness, ttrish. That sounds awful! I'd sure stop using that was burning my eyelids, too.

Thank you for the updated list. I hope that others can find this useful with their choice of GF makeup. I'm finding more and more places that offer products that look just great.


Ruth Baucom said...

Just got this E-Mail from Elizabeth Arden about Gluten Free Mascara

January 30, 2015

Dear Consumer,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us concerning the gluten content in our products. We are always pleased to hear from our consumers.

We certainly have wonderful mascaras that you can be assured are gluten free. Please see the following gluten free mascaras below:

1) Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara
2) Ceramide Lash Extending Mascara

Thank you again for contacting us. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact us at 1-800-326-7337. It will be our pleasure to assist you.


Kimberly McLean
Product Specialist
Elizabeth Arden Consumer Affairs
309 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974

Reference Number: 000071398A