Monday, August 4, 2008

New Place to shop for gluten free cosmetics!

Hi all,

I've been absent as far as new posts for quite a while. Amazing what a freelance writing career can do for your free time :)

Anyway, I have come across a new site that looks kind of like an organic cosmetics "mall". I was looking for body polish and lotions and found it rather quickly. Makes me wonder if they didn't just recently go live in 2008? Surely I would have seen them back in 2007 with the ease that I found them.

It's called but the website is called Natural Solutions Holistic Beauty, Body and Bath. A little confusing, but the URL will get you there. Just go to the Shop Online link underneath the sunflower on the top left of the main page. Underneath each product description, it will list everything it is "free" of. One thing that particularly helps me search is the highlight button on my browser toolbar. If you have some way of getting one of those, you can put "gluten" or "gluten free" up in your Google search box on your browser (don't click Search or you'll go off the site into Googleland!), click your highlight button, and it will show you every place on the page that has "gluten" or "gluten free" on it. You could search through the list of ingredients for each one if you want to be sure, but I like this trick. Slick, huh?

I can't say I've heard of these brands before, and honestly I don't know all the standards they have for calling something gluten free. As with nearly anything, you ought to check with the manufacturer about their production process, GF facility, etc. I"m guessing it just shows it by ingredient. I only found this today, so I would let you know as I purchased things what each manufacturer said. Even still, the fall-back policy ought to be "call the company yourself" if you ever have questions. Formulas and practices can change without you knowing about it. But still - I really dig the labeling. Makes it a whole lot faster to find something suitable.

Good luck! I'm liking their selection of body polish, so when I make my purchase, I'll let you know the info I get.



Anonymous said...


I have a question about Wheat Germ Oil. I have been researching & reading labels w/ the hope of finding a natural / organic line that uses GF ingredients. Lavera says right on their web page that their line 100 % gluten free, but many of their products contain Wheat Germ Oil. I Called the Co. to inquire about this seeming disprecancy & was told by an Estichin that wheat germ IS gluten free. Dr. Hauschka's website has similar information.

Is it or is it not safe to use for someone w/ gluten intolerance?

Thanks for any help!

Erika K said...


I'm no chemist, dietitian, or agronomist - I personally don't know if wheat germ oil is safe. I've seen warnings about products with vitamin E derived from wheat germ oil. But I honestly don't know. Perhaps we should continue a little research and post our findings. Good question, and I'll let you know what I learn if you'll keep doing the same.

Erika K said...

Just found this on an old comment about wheat germ not including gluten.

However, for food lists, I've seen warnings not to eat anything made wtih wheat germ oil. Not sure if that's just an uneducated assumption or what. Seems like if companies and doctors are saying it, it may be OK. Probably something you have to use with your own discretion.

I suppose there could be traces of gluten if it was not "well extracted"??? I'd like to get a straight answer, too. Let me know if you find something more conclusive.

Anonymous said...

FYI - I intend to continue using Weleda's Almond facial line - there are no gluten containing ingredients listed & no vit. E which could contain wheat. ***For the record, I saw the comment on another post where the person shared weleda's statement on Wheat Germ Oil. I know that there could possible be a risk of cross contamination w/ this brand, but it seems to work well for me!

Anonymous said...


I have used Lavera products and received the same response from their employees. However, I had a bad reaction to their hair mousse, which was supposed to be gluten free. They told me the gluten was removed. ?? Fishy. A lot of companies are stating that their products are gluten free and also that wheat germ oil does not contain gluten. I found some reputable sites that state that wheat germ oil does in fact contain gluten, in varying levels. I'm frustrated and SO missing my makeups, lotions, and potions! Here are the links:

It's not safe for any level of gluten to be consumed or, for me, worn.

I'm crossing fingers & toes that I'll find good, natural, safe products in the near future. Much luck to the rest of you.

All best, L.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your look into information on Wheat Germ Oil. I am also trying to find cosmetics that I can use, as I also have gluten intolerance. I have found a great product called Sellecca Solution and both the face wash and lotion do not contain any form of gluten!

Also the product line called Artistry has gluten free makeup including foundation, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc. The only thing it some of the products is if you have issues with them than you don't want to use the eye shadow, blush or lipstick. But it is extremely refreshing to find makeup that I can finally use without creating blemishes!

Good luck with your search...hopefully you have found some products that are working for you after all these years!!!