Monday, August 18, 2008

Questions About Monave Answered By Company President

Hello all -

For any of you who have seen a recent comment about some confusing info on the Monave website, I heard a direct response from the president of the company (who is herself a celiac). Apparently, they are in the midst of an inventory switch. They are beginning to use rice-based Vitamin E, but still have stock that includes wheat-based vit E. Some info on emails had said there were only 2 products that had the wheat based Vit E, later on the website it listed more like 4-5 products.

That lead to concern from one woman in particular (and myself) who wrote in saying she'd bought some of the products that were included in the website list, not thinking they had been a problem.

Apparently, you can request the rice-based version of the products in question and they can guarantee that is gluten free. But as of yet, this particular recommendation is not up on the website.

The tone of the president's letter was very apologetic and she made offers to replace my questionable products and a refund. She seems to realize this could lose some trust, but it seems she's willing to do whatever she and the company can to rectify the problem and any lost trust as a result.

I'd say this is still a terrific cosmetics option for anyone concerned about gluten. Certainly, a direct response from the president is better than you would receive from many of the larger name companies I've written about on this blog before. If you have any concerns about Monave products you have purchased, do contact the company and ask your questions. Of all thigns, their customer service response is one of the best.

I'll let you know about any further communication with them.



Anonymous said...

Hello, Erika!
I left a comment (well two actually) under the Monave post regarding the products being gluten free. While I do agree it is impressive to have the President of the company respond to a concern directly - for me there still exists a trust/confidence issue.

As a consumer, I'm at the mercy of the companies. all I can do is contact them and inquire as to their ingredients/safety of their products. I have to rely on the accuracy of this information and in this case, Monave dropped the ball. **I wish the company had at the very least sent out a broadcast e-mail to clients advising of this "ingredient discrepancy".** I had more than one e-mail exchange with Sharon regarding the product safety and my concerns and was assured they were safe.

Please understand, I don't just get "sick" when I have a Celiac episode but my disease manifests itself in the form of Herpetiformis Dermatitis (horrific rash that has left me scarred), GI symptoms, and worse - cardiac/bronchial-related anomalies that often land me in the ER. One minor setback means up to a year of recovery.

Shortly after using the Monave lipstick and eyeliner/wet-to-dry products, I started having problems. I re-checked the website and the same statement was present (ie., only the two products containing gluten). But as the company had stated they were GF I of course started eliminating food products, convinced something else was amiss. Had I know it was the Monave makeup, I could have saved myself a lot of time and wouldn't now be two steps back in my constant battle with this disease.

I do have complete faith in AFTERGLOW cosmetics. The owner's Mother/Sister both have Celiac's and she addresses cross-contamination on her website.

In closing, I have a message to contact someone from Monave regarding my situation and I will do so once I'm calm enough to discuss the situation rationally. (Yes, I'm angry). I do hope that bringing this to light helps others in my situation and perhaps will result in cosmetics companies gaining a better understanding of the severity of the problem.

Thank you,


Erika said...

Suzanne -

You absolutely must do what is right for your body, no matter what anyone else says. And different people have different sensitivities. Yours is clearly at a high level and you are taking the necessary steps to make yourself as safe as possible.

I'm glad you're still planning to have communication with the company - and when you are calm. While they may or may not win you back as a customer, think of how you might bless other celiacs down the road (that would be OK with purchasing from Monave) by what and how you have communicated with the company. I'm sure this mishap has caused some ripples already to spur on positive change.

Having any form of celiac or DH is a daily challenge, no doubt. I'm glad we have the current technology and communications at our disposal to find what does and doesn't have gluten in it.

Take care, and let me know how things go.


Anonymous said...

Hello Erika,
I just want to let you know about a company called Cleure. I just talked to the their customer service manager and he assured me that all of their products are Gluten free with the exception of their hair conditioner which in now being reformulated to be gluten free.
Here is their web site,

Erika said...

I just checked out their website - beautiful! What nice selection of colors, formulas, and care products for practically your whole body. I'll be anxious to give them a try. I am especially drawn to their anti-aging products. If any one of you try one of their products, post your experience here for us all to share. Plus, I'll check in later about that hair conditioner.

Thanks a ton for the tip!!


Erika said...

Angela -

I just noticed that the Cleure face and body bar has oatmeal in it. Probably should ask about that before ordering. Always check all ingredients no matter what!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Erika!

A great GF company - primarily haircare:

Another great resource for soaps and haircare:


Kristen said...

Hi Erika!
I found out that I am severely gluten intolerant earlier this year, so I started contacting manufacturers to verify the gluten free status of all of the natural cosmetics, skin care and hair care products that I use. I have gathered together my favorites (the most natural, and most effective)and link to them from my website Naturally Dah'ling
Your site is an excellent resource, I did not know of Monave, and will have to try their products out. I would also love to link to your site from mine, if that is okay with you?
Thanks so much!!

Erika K said...

Yes, absolutely. I believe this is how we will best get out the word on safe high-quality GF personal care products. Beleive, me, when I started my blog there was nearly nothing with organized information. My blog is certainly not perfection, so every resource we share benefits us all!

Great to know you are out there.

Kristen said...

You are so right!!
I will add the link to your site tonight.
Thanks so much!! I have a couple of little sample bags that I put together left from a gluten free meeting that I went to this weekend, let me know if you want me to send you one.

Perry said...

Hello Erika,

I'm working on a project to create a line of certified gluten-free, Celiac safe personal care products. I would love to get your input and that of your readers. Just to make sure I create the kind of products you want.

Please see this webpage and leave a comment. When the products are ready, I'll send you samples to get your feedback.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Anonymous said...

i just came across your website and thanks for this info and allyour hard work to obtain it. we need more gluten free cosmetics. i found a couple via your site and hope they will work! thanks and happy christmas.

Anonymous said...

Monave could be great product for me for mineral foundation. No gluten! Superb. Thanks for finding this out. More gluten free cosmetics should be made!

Jessica said...

I've tried both Monave and Afterglow and Afterglow is by far a much better product, better colors nicer, finish, the lipstick feels soft and smooth (I found Monave's waxy and hard) ... and it's gluten free.

Anonymous said...

i really do not understand this. I also have DH but since I do not eat my make-up I don't really care since the gluten peptide is too large to be absorbed into the skin.i use plain Vaseline for a lip gloss

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