Monday, May 11, 2009

Gluten Free Cosmetic Companies Everywhere

Hello folks. I'm telling you, I'm finding more and more gluten free cosmetic companies around the web, sometimes just by accident. This morning I was going along on Twitter, and somehow I ended up on an allergy blog that mentioned something about gluten free sunscreen. Lo and behold, there were about six companies listed that have gluten free cosmetic and gluten free personal care products. Had heard of two companies, but the others were new to me.

I checked out the new ones and found that they professed to be completely gluten free. Woot! That sure makes it easy when they say that right off the bat. The problem is that these companies don't often do a lot of advertising as a "gluten free cosmetics company" per se. Trust me, I've trolled the Google results for so many keywords, you'd think I'd have found these guys by now. But no, they remain nearly anonymous in the wilderness of the internet. If you don't already know about them, you probably won't find them (even if you are looking).

So that's my purpose, to bring gluten free cosmetics and gluten free skin care products out to the forefront to you. I'm just giddy finding all of these lush pictures of organic products like jojoba oil, tea tree oil, silky mineral cosmetics, and such. It's a feast for the eyes, and I think you'd agree.

Here's a list of the newest companies I've found. I hope to do a bit more in depth post on each after I have a chance to research them. If you have been a customer of any of these companies, please add your feedback. A report from the field is always valuable. On these links, I'm sending you right to the ingredients page. You can click along on the website to see different products.

California Baby
Affusion Skin Care
Desert Organics

The Desert Organics link is actually for a product line on Desert Essence. It says that product line is gluten free, but it might pay to ask about other products. It doesn't look like they use a lot of complicated ingredients. Many of them are pure oils. I'll look into it more, but if you've used these products please add your comments.

Well, those are my gluten free cosmetic finds for this morning. I'm really quite excited - the new website will have so much good information - I can hardly stand it! It really is a great time to be looking for gluten free cosmetics - companies are making them, they are available, and I'll help you find them!


Krysten Lindsay Hager said...

Thanks for the info! I have tried the California Baby body wash and liked that & am eager to try their sunscreen! I'm having such an issue get a straight answer from companies on whether or not they make gf shampoos, soaps, sunscreens, etc., so love your site!

Unknown said...

All of Lavera's skin care and cosmetics are gluten-free. Check out

Anonymous said...

Lavera claims that their entire product line is gluten free, but some of their products contain wheat germ oil.

Go to click on education and look at ingredients overview for lavera products. Wheat germ oil is listed as on of the ingredients used in their products.

When I called the company to ask about this, I was directed to speak with an estitician and he told me that their wheat germ oil had the gluten removed.

Here is some similar information from the Dr. Hauschka web site. This company does not claim to be gluten free.

Do your products contain gluten?

Gluten, a naturally-occurring protein in wheat and other grains, is found in hydrolyzed wheat protein used in Dr.Hauschka Body Washes, Shampoos and Conditioner. Cleansing Milk contains fermented grain extract, which may also contain gluten. These products are not suitable for people with allergies to wheat. Those with celiac disease can safely use these products if they avoid getting the product in the mouth. Wheat germ oil and alcohol are wheat-derived ingredients that do not contain gluten. We have verified to the best of our ability that no other gluten or wheat substances are used during the manufacture of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care or its ingredients.

Unknown said...

Great post! Can I find Gluten free products here in Edinburgh, UK
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Vbrie said...

Love it. we also have the same product at Benefit Cosmetic, Beautiful Eyes Palette, Brush.

Anonymous said...

My daughter dermatitus herpetaformus (sorry if I spelled it wrong) which is how we diagnosed her gluten intolerance/celiac disease. Some people with CD have a severe rash that appears when they ingest gluten or apply gluten products to their skin. It is hard to determine which cosmetics are gluten free, but we always call the 800 number listed on the product before using the product. Most companies are very helpful. Avon has a gluten free section on their website and it is available at their stores also. We are continuously calling the companies even if we have called before in case a company has changed their production in any way.

Batty said...

I just checked over at the Desert Essence site and apparently their lip products contain Sorbitol. Sorbitol can cause digestive problems like bloating, gas, diarrhea, etc. I've come in contact with foods with this in it since being GF and it gives me the same symptoms gluten did. I pretty much try to avoid it at all costs.

Anonymous said...

I work in a Day Spa and contacted Emani Meneral Make-up (which we stock) and out of interest for the few clients we have requesting gluten free products i checked all the ingredients after hearing that some companies do somewhat falsely advertise.

All thier products contain Tocopherol Acetate so i contacted them to find out whether its derived from wheat germ or soy and the only answer i got after being called back was 'its derived from Vitamin E'......what? It seems as though its not a priority at all, strange considering that 'Gluten Free' is able to be used so loosely! Emani Mineral Makeup is a fantastic product though!

Erik Kreider said...

Kabana Skin Care -

Offers gluten-free skin care products, including an 8 ingredient organic sunscreen that exclusively uses zinc oxide as its active ingredient.