Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Gluten Free Cosmetics Can You Buy At Target?

**Attention!  This blog is no longer updated on Burt's Bees gluten free products.  Please see the Burt's Bees Gluten Free page on the Gluten Free Diet Guide website for the most current information. **
Hello! As part of my quest to find gluten free cosmetics and beauty products, I'm introducing a topic that I'll revisit from time to time. Every time I walk through my local Target (I'm afraid that's a lot!), I wonder what the chances are that some of these cosmetic and personal care products are gluten free?

I just wrote a letter to Neutrogena to figure out what the story is there. I've read some forum posts saying they just have a "wheat free" list, not a true GF list. Although what I read also seems to give the impression that if there is no wheat in it, there won't be gluten in it. What?? Does Neutrogena actually understand that there could still be gluten if there's no wheat? I did make a point to clarify that I wanted to know about a "gluten free" list, since any barley, rye, or oat-derived ingredient could still have gluten. We'll see what they provide. However, just know there is already a big question mark on Neutrogena anyway. I'm not expecting much different.

In the last year or two, Burt's Bees has been sold in Target stores. This is delightful for me since I can get a few of my basics on my regular errand route. I do know that some gluten free folks have expressed frustration because they haven't gotten a straight answer regarding their source of Vitamin E. So some may consider that Burts Bees gluten free cosmetic list doesn't really provide anything for them. I understand and include that disclaimer here for anyone with that level of concern. I also wish they had a more updated list - most recent one is from January of 2008. My secret wish is that they are working out their Vitamin E issue and will include that in any updated list. Don't know how likely that is, but I can hope!

At any rate, I do get Burts Bees Lip Shimmer quite frequently. I also use the Burts Bees Day Radiance cream every day. Some of their lotion products are scented too strongly for my preference, but that's just me I think. Some people love that, which is great. And it helps that it can be easy to pick up your beauty staples at the same store as your new laundry basket, tortilla chips, and shampoo.

Speaking of shampoo, Suave has been a good brand for gluten free shampoo. I will do more checking for any recent updates, but the Unilever company has been known for fully disclosing all sources of gluten. I've read other bloggers and forum posters using Suave as well. Again, I'll write another letter soon to confirm this, but it's what I use on my hair every day.

So there are a few gluten free cosmetic and shampoo choices you could pick up from Target on an everyday basis. Nice to know some things are just around the corner. :)


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