Friday, May 15, 2009

Gluten Free Shampoo

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How do you know where to look for gluten in your food and cosmetics? 
How do you know if something is really and truly gluten free? 
And what about cross contamination?  Is is really as bad as it sounds?

This is must-know information, absolutely essential for your health.  Whether you’re a newbie at the gluten free diet or you’ve been living gluten free for years, you need to be sure you know how the food and cosmetic industries are labeling the items you use every day.  Sign up today to get more helpful gluten free information right in your inbox.


For the most updated information, click this link for Gluten Free Shampoo and Conditioner on the Gluten Free Diet Guide website.

I just got a great question on Twitter about gluten free shampoo. Since it seemed awkward to shove a lot of info into just 140 characters, I thought I'd write up a quick post to consolidate what I know so far.

Monave has some gluten free shampoo and hair care products
Desert Organics Don't know about the rest of the website, but the "organics" area is all gluten free
Suave Unilever products are well-labeled for any gluten sources, and Suave should be OK.
Gluten Free Savonnerie Obviously, the name says it all!

As always, any product can have a changed formulation without any notice. Before purchasing, you should ALWAYS read labels and contact the company to be doubly sure. Even what I'm writing here could be slightly different by the time you buy something. This is just a guide to get you in the right direction. If you should find that a recommendation I've made has turned up something with gluten in it, please accept my apology and let me know so I can correct the info I have. Use this gluten ingredient list as a guide for checking on glutenous ingredient.  It looks like these are pretty good options for gluten free shampoos and other hair products. Finally!

Good luck and happy hair washing!


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I just recently was diagnosed with celiac, and at first thought I had it under control with diet. Then I had a terrible allergic reaction in my eyes (bloodshot, itchy, bright red inflammation on the lining of my lids) when Estee Lauder recently changed the formulas on several of their skin care products (Resilience eye and Resilience Lift). I don't have the old recipes available, but in checking the ingredients list, the new recipes definitely contain wheat, which is clearly labelled (though in very small print). I tried to switching to their Renutriv skin care line, but had an immediate reaction--the problem ingredient seems to be Hydroxypropyltrimonium, which my dietician informs me is Hydrolyzed wheat protein. Luckily, Estee Lauder has a very good return policy. On the bright side, I found some very good gluten-free eye make-up manufactured by Zuzu. The Zuzu and Gabriel cosmetics lines (which are related companies) have good info on their website about which products contain gluten. All their cosmetics are gluten-free, but not all their skin care products are. I suggest checking out their website.

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