Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Page - Gluten Free Living

I did an interview this week with Ann Peterson of LoveToKnow.  She's been so great to work with this week and has written some great stuff on Gluten - LoveToKnow.  You'll find me on this main page (scroll down!) plus my interview on a different page here Gluten Free Beauty.

The link to the LoveToKnow page is on my new Gluten Free Living page, and there will be many more resources here as time goes on.

Readers - let me know what your most trusted resources are for gluten free info, where you go to find updates on new products, health information, and more.  I'll take your recommendations and put them up!



medical equipment said...

When someone who doesn't know much about gluten free living thinks it could look quiet scary but if you know what your looking for then you know thats its not that hard. of course there are some really nice things out there that you can't have anymore but there are always ways round it, keep up with the posting

helenth01 said...

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