Monday, October 18, 2010

Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals, New page up at the website!

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How do you know where to look for gluten in your food and cosmetics? 
How do you know if something is really and truly gluten free? 
And what about cross contamination?  Is is really as bad as it sounds?

This is must-know information, absolutely essential for your health.  Whether you’re a newbie at the gluten free diet or you’ve been living gluten free for years, you need to be sure you know how the food and cosmetic industries are labeling the items you use every day.  Sign up today to get more helpful gluten free information right in your inbox.

Please check the updated webpage here for Bare Minerals on the Gluten Free Diet Guide site.

Did you know that Bare Escentuals, home of Bare Minerals foundation, has a ton of gluten free cosmetics?  Yes - you can swirl, tap, and buff with their great products now.  Check out the details on my new Bare Escentuals webpage.     .

For those of you concerned about cross contamination, all gluten free products are made without any glutinous ingredients.  However, they cannot guarantee that they have been processed in a gluten free environment.

Please check out my new page and let me know what you think, both of my site and of your experiences with this company for GF makeup.




Anonymous said...


Just came across your blog. I have had to be GF for over two decades, and cosmetics and hair-care products tend to be the biggest challenge now that, thankfully, many food companies list whether or not their products are GF. As to BE cosmetics, their lipsticks still contain barley and are not GF. But I agree, many of their products are GF.

Check out 100% Pure Cosmetics. I recently wrote to them and they agreed and have listed which of their products are GF. Love their lipsticks. They also include information on where they get their Vit E for the products. It is from rice. I'm not affiliated with them, just a customer.

Keep the blog going. It is appreciated.

- Julie a.k.a. GFree on certain cosmetic site comment boards

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that bare minerals is GF.That's all I use and Love the product.I had no idea that cosmetics had gluten in them.I am new to all of this lifestyle having celiac disease.Thanks for the info.

magi said...

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