Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tarte Cosmetics Gluten Free Update

Hi everyone - I just found some new information about Tarte Cosmetics. This page here says that Tarte proudly offers gluten free cosmetic and beauty products. That is different that my earlier posts that said each gluten free product would be labeled on their site. How awesome!

However, they offer another caveat on another part of their website. They do say that they cannot guarantee any allergen product was produced in an allergen free environment. Still, if you are OK with a slight chance of cross contamination, this looks like an excellent source of cosmetics.

For example - since I am not the celiac in my house, I consider this to be OK for me. I always do my best to wash my hands after putting on makeup. I handle all of my husband's food, so I clearly can't have anything with gluten ingredients. However, a very small chance of cross contamination with product that has all GF ingredients may be almost too small to show up. If a tiny bit of my makeup residue should come in contact with his food, the likelihood of any gluten being around is pretty remote. We follow this same standard for the food in our house.

If I was the celiac, Tarte Cosmetics still a great choice. It would make a lot of difference how sensitive I was to cross contamination issues. It's a very personal situation for everyone, so there is no clear right or wrong when it comes to cross contamination risk. What's most important is to simply know if it exists so you can make the best decision for you.

More than anything, I am increasingly impressed with the number of cosmetic companies now putting statements on their websites or having clear responses to this type of question. Kudos to all of you who keep asking!

So absolutely check them out - The world of gluten free cosmetics have scored a serious win with this company. By the way, loving the amount of mascara products. And the fall collection? Gorgeous!! Going to look into those two things myself!

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